Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Who is..Zeus?

If you have been to Eco Zipline Tours, you have certainly met our 6 year old pug, Zeus (Willy Z McGee Seper..he's a Cards fan!) He roams freely at our course, though you will most often find him snoozin' and snorin' on his big bed, behind our desk. He is our beloved mascot and though he may seem bored with the job at times, he does a wonderful job. He is the sweetest dog and we're blessed to have him.. and we know our customers agree! We get asked daily if he ziplines and the answer is YES! When we first opened Eco Zipline Tours, we never wanted to leave him locked up in the office so we'd let him run the course with our tours. Zeus has always gone on runs with his owner so he has always been in great shape. However, after a few weeks, it became apparent that his little legs were working a little too hard. Not wanting to leave him out of the excitement, we decided to make him a harness. It was really out of necessity. He absolutely loves ziplining - often going for his harness as soon as we open the door in the morning.  As far as we know, Zeus is the worlds only ziplining pug and that just make our already super-awesome dog just that much cooler.

The Fine Print:
Unfortunately, we cannot let your animals zipline at Eco Zipline Tours - Zeus just wouldn't be cool with that! We have been asked many times if Zeus can go on tour with our customers. Sadly, Zeus does not go on tours with customers. Ziplining with him does take a lot of extra time and we do not want our customers to have to wait. If you visit us on a slow day and we have the time, we would be happy to take Zeus down our first line so you can see him go. Also, a disclaimer, we never send Zeus down the zipline by himself. He is always hooked up to the line in his secure harness, and we are always holding him. If you own a zipline or have one at home, please never send your animals on it alone.  

Zeus, in pictures:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Opening Day..

Opening Day was April 1, 2012. Thank you to everyone who came out. It was a beautiful day -- great for ziplining!