Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tandem Riding

Many concerned parents call us requesting information on children ziplining. While parents are not allowed to ride tandem with children, we have highly trained guides who are more than happy to ride tandem with any child who may be nervous.

For our Easy Rider (4 line) tour and our Super Six (6 line) tour children ages 3+ (no matter how small!) can ride by themselves. They do not need to ride tandem if they do not want to -- these lines were specifically designed with children in mind and therefore the children have no problem getting over to the other side.

However, if your child would like to ride tandem with someone because he or she is nervous or scared, I have put together a few pictures and comments to explain how that will work.

All tours start at the same point; our first line adjacent to our parking lot.
 Landon is riding tandem with owner, Mike. Landon's mother stays on this side to make sure Landon is okay. Both Mike and Landon are in harnesses. Landon rides infront of Mike, holding his own straps. He does not have to hold his own straps but it gives them something to do (if children let go of the straps it is no problem.)  Mike holds onto the cable for the both of them so Landon doesn't have to do anything but sit back and enjoy the ride.

 Landon's group cheers for him as he comes in to the landing. Landon's father as zipped over first so he is there to greet Landon as he comes in.
Landon, who was very apprehensive before his first line, gives Mike a high five. Landon's red safety strap is then attached to the tree so he is safe on the platform.

 Landon is excited for his mom to join him on the platform.
Family photo!

Landon and Mike after Landon's ziplining adventure. Landon had a blast!

***As always, please call us at 314 456 1444 if you have any questions***